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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning how to show up in your life fully. It's about bringing a compassionate, awake awareness to your body, your emotions and your life. It's connecting to every moment, it's feeling your emotions all the way through.

The underpinning of mindfulness is a meditation and movement practice. Much like exercise trains the body, meditation trains the mind.

There is a significant body of evidence showing that a regular mindfulness practice can alleviate stress, improve quality of sleep, improve relationships, focus, productivity and generally make us feel a whole lot better.

What I offer

Weekly classes to help people to develop their own meditation practice. 

The 8-week course is based on the accredited Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme, which is like the gold standard of mindfulness teaching. 

Weekend Workshops are a wonderful opportunity for people to retreat from the pressures of life and connect into themselves.

Corporate Packages are a great way for organisations to support their staff in their stress management, health and well-being.

The 8 Week Course

Each week we focus on a different topic:

1. Awareness of automatic pilot - how we often live without really being awake, alive and inside the present moment, but thinking, anticipating, worrying, daydreaming about past or future events.

2. Awareness of our individual perception and how our thoughts are highly personal and not always true (and yet our body responds as if they are)

3. The joy of mindful movement

4. Awareness of stress and triggers

5. Awareness of how we cope with stress and triggers

6. Awareness of communication and relationships

7. Awareness of what we take into our bodies - food, communication, media, situations.

8. Closing session to review the learning

After the course you will:

- Have a life skill and a practice to help quiet the frantic mind, a place that you can create within yourself that invites deep healing.

- Have more awareness of the habits and patterns at play in your life.

- Have developed self compassion, with a kinder relationship to your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

- Have greater resilience to deal with stressful situations.

- Have tools and insight into ways to improve communication with your loved ones

- Experience more mental clarity and a sense of spaciousness

- Feel like there is more time in the day, by reducing your stress levels and sense of pressure

Additional information for Participants:

Participants are encouraged to practice at home and are given guided meditations for home practice as well as a course pack for further reading.

Participants of the 8-week course are also invited to attend a Silent Retreat Day day that occurs during the duration of the course at no extra cost. This takes place from 10am-2pm and is a truly soul nourishing day of movement and meditation.

Weekly Classes

I offer weekly drop in classes on Thursday evenings.

An evening drop in meditation class to help deepen your practice. We begin with gentle movements drawn from yog and tai chi to help us drop out of our busy minds and into our bodies. The point of these exercises is not to be the bendiest or the strongest, but to begin to develop a greater awareness of the body in each moment.

We will then move into meditation - working with awareness of the breath, awareness of the body and loving kindness meditations. 

When we practice in a group, an energy field is created that helps each person to drop deeper than they would be able to alone.

What other people said

"It has helped in many ways, to react more calmly. To react less negatively and try to look at situations from a different perspective. I enjoyed the discussions of the concept so much I am now reading Full Catastrophe Living. Mindfulness is helping me to accept my life more, not to waste time lamenting the past and circumstances that have led me here. It has helped me to slow down and appreciate life, thank you."

"Sam has been an amazing teacher. I always feel so peaceful after the sessions. She is approachable and knowledgeable and conveys herself so clearly at a level that is easy to understand, putting everyone at ease. The course has helped me to come to my breath and use meditation to calm me down. I am much more aware of my body sensations and how I am feeling, which has really helped me gain control of myself and situations as they are, knowing they will pass. I have found Sam inspiring both as a facilitator and as a person."

When's the next course?

Coming soon....