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Slow Down and Breathe

Wake up and live

I am Samata and my aim is to contribute meaningfully to a solution that will propel us out of environmental crisis, depression, hopelessness and anxiety into an empowered and incredibly beautiful future.

I do this in two ways –

1) Holding workshops and teaching practices that unwind unhelpful social conditioning, connecting people into deeper truths about themselves.

2) Telling stories and creating a new narrative for human kind – one in which we all have a spark of genius, we’re all valuable and intimately connected with each other and the planet we inhabit.

About Me....

From a young age I heard a call from deep within. It spoke in whispers and nudged me forwards, one trusting step at a time.

It’s been a long process to uncover my ikigai – the place where what I’m good and passionate about meets what the world needs and what I can get paid for. I share learning from my journey on my blog.

If you are a change maker and want your story to be told, get in touch.

If you are someone who wants to deepen your relationship with yourself and show up more fully and authentically your life, get in touch.


Workshops coming up....

8 Week Course

25 April - 27 June                                                           Thursday evenings 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Delve deep into meditation practice - an 8 week course for those wanting to develop their own home practice, and bring clarity, peace and wisdom into their lives.

Each session we practice movement and sitting meditations followed by group exercises to reflect on our thoughts, patterns, lifestyle and behaviours. 

You will develop self compassion, greater self awareness and have tools to cope with stress and difficult situations more skilfully.

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Silent Retreat Day

June 9 10am - 2pm

This day is a chance to get really, really quiet inside. I will lead you through yoga postures, and different meditations as you are invited to dive deeply into yourself.

There will be an opportunity to connect outside with the forest at the Guet and participants are asked to bring their own light lunch.

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