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Develop deep presence, peace and clarity through mindfulness meditation

Release anything that is holding you back

Live your vibrant, authentic life

Weekly meditation classes

Morning Meditation

Every Wednesday                                                          Chamber of Commerce 7.15am - 8.15am

Start the day with a sense of peace, calm, presence and mindfulness. 

We will begin with some light movement to wake up the body, drawing from tai chi, qi gong and yoga before settling down into a seated meditation.

Each session will include a variety of practices, including awareness of breath, awareness of body, loving kindness and creative visualisation to set you up for the day ahead.

Evening Meditation

Every Thursday                                                         Cobo Community Centre, 7.00pm-8.00pm

An evening drop in meditation class. We will begin with gentle movements, drawn from yoga and tai chi to help us drop out of our busy minds and into our bodies. The point of these exercises is not to be the bendiest, or the strongest, but to begin to develop a greater awareness of the body.

We will then move into meditation - working with awareness of the breath, awareness of the body and loving kindness meditations. 

Vital stillness

By learning to bring a quiet, compassionate awareness to ourselves, we bring in vital stillness and peace, something that we all need in this fast-paced modern life. We also develop a greater understanding of our thought patterns and emotions, and are able to live in a way that is more conscious, skilful and more connected to ourselves and each other.