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Stories that empower us all

I started out my professional career in public relations, specialising in writing press releases and articles. After three years in the industry I became a freelance journalist writing predominantly on natural health topics, social change and motherhood.

My favourite people to work with are the ones with the bright light in their eyes, the entrepreneurs forging new pathways for themselves and their communities. The healers, the yogis, the therapists and the change makers. Telling your stories makes the world a little bit brighter for me and the people reading.

I have been on a long journey of healing and have trained to practitioner level in meditation, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, EFT, Matrix Remprinting, Ayurveda and Reiki. I also have experience of kinesiology, aromatherapy, massage, Chinese medicine, cacao ceremonies, Movement Medicine, permaculture and shamanism.

If you're working in those areas and need some help with websites or articles, get in touch and let's light up the world a little more.

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Featured in:


GSY Life

Guernsey Press

Juno Magazine

Gallery Magazine