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Weekly morning meditations

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce                                      Wednesdays 7.15am

A drop in session where you will experience a range of different meditations as well as some very gentle, light movement.

Each class will vary slightly but will include awareness of breath, awareness of body, loving kindness as well as visualisations to set yourself up for the day. 

There is no need to book.

£12 for a class or £50 for 5 sessions.

Weekly Evening Meditation

Cobo Community Centre 

Thursdays 7-8pm

Let go of your day and connect in with yourself through a range of gentle movements and meditations.

We will drop into the body through a range of different exercises derived from tai chi and yoga, suitable for all levels. 

Afterwards we will practice meditations, including awareness of breath, awareness of body (body scan) and loving kindness meditation. These will vary slightly in duration and content from week to week.

£12 for a class or £50 for 5 sessions

There is no need to book.