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It's time to let it go

Sometimes the pain of our pasts can feel all too present. 
Emotional trauma that has not been properly resolved and integrated is stored in our bodymind and can profoundly affect us until we are willing to deal with it.
Matrix Reimprinting is a gentle therapy that uses a combination of tapping or EFT (like acupressure without the needles) and hypnosis to release stored emotional pain and create powerful positive internal visions instead.
It is profoundly effective.


"I had been struggling with panic/anxiety attacks at work for a while before I was introduced to Sam. She was really friendly and made me feel at ease when trying to explain my problem. During our session I learnt all about EFT and its benefits and Sam used the technique on me before teaching me how to do it on myself. A few weeks later she sent me an email checking in on how I was doing and to my shear amazement I realised I hadn’t had a single panic attack since our session! I hadn’t even realised how well it had worked until I had stopped to think about all the scenarios where I would have definitely had one in the past and had obviously gotten through without any reactions.
I would highly recommend Sam and EFT as it has been very effective for me and having a technique I can use on myself, wherever I am is not only very useful but also reassuring that I have a healthy coping strategy for stress and anxiety."