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Why is coaching so rock star fantastic?

After reading my post about how coaching had impacted my children, top coach and founder of the MOE Foundation, Darren Robson challenged me to capture in writing what coaching is and why it’s so powerful.

The magic that happens when someone makes you the entire object of their attention, giving you the space and time to work out issues you may be facing is undeniable, yet tricky to articulate.

We live in a fast paced world that values immediacy over depth. And yet human beings have extraordinary depth, creativity and even genius if used and harnessed properly. Coaching works on the premise that we are all innately valuable and capable, with vast resources of imagination and energy if we can tap into it. We all walk around with fascinating and complex inner worlds, only a fraction of which ever gets fully expressed in our daily lives.

Coaching creates a space, where you can explore, with the coach as your witness and guide, all of your wildest dreams and potential. It’s a place you can be deeply honest, for there is no judgement in coaching, and a place you can dare to admit the things that hover at the edges of your being.

It’s when we start to explore ourselves and our potential that we can start to live in a deeper, truer way. The relief, energy, joy and meaning released when we stop conforming to our habitual patterns, and start expressing more of who we are, can be profound.

A coach listens and provides a container for you to reflect. A coach encourages and mirrors back to you your strengths and potential blindspots. A coach enters into your fascinating and complex inner world with you and gives feedback on what they see.

The insights and validation that can roll out of a coaching experience are not to be underestimated. And then, coaches help you turn your insights into action.

Like a running buddy that inspires you to trudge out on a freezing February morning when left to your own devices you would likely still be snoozing, a coaches very presence is motivating.

Coaches are master listeners and change agents. But the honest truth of why coaching is so powerful has nothing to do with the coach at all and everything to do with the utter incredibleness of human beings – our loves and our fears, our talents and our struggles. Within each and every one of us lies more than a little bit of magic. The value of a coach, is first their ability to help you see it and then to live it.