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Mar 07, 2019
The Bright Future of Humanity

In the bright future of humanity I see each individual house with it’s own electricity and power sourced from wind, solar or ground to air source heat pump. I see people understanding that we are custodians of the land and the other creatures and so I see ponds for frogs, flowers for butterflies and bees and patches kept wild for other animals. I see cities of green vertical skyscrapers - housing birds, growing the food necessary to sustain life and cleaning the air.

I see no plastic. I see homes that understand that humanity is part of wider eco-systems where nothing is wasted, everything is reused in a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

I see people growing fruits and vegetables, keeping animals for food and trading goods at a local level so that all our food and shelter needs are taken care of.

I see the incredible empowerment of people that happens when they feel they can sustain themselves, rather than relying on large utility systems that ultimately keep us in bondage.

I think it has to happen at a grass roots individual level – we cannot rely on governments to make the changes we want to see in the world – we have to do it ourselves. I see it already happening.

I see each household making small incremental changes in this direction. I see more outside time, a much more visceral understanding of the sacredness of the earth and the fact that our deepest responsibility as human beings is to care for her and all the other inhabitants. We are not masters of the earth, we are sacred custodians.

For this to happen, each individual must drop that feeling of powerlessness that we all have – the feeling that we are nothing in the face of giant global forces, that large institutions run the show. 

I see that this future is being helped along by invisible hands – the spirit that moves in all things. Statistically, evolution happened at a rate far exceeding that which would have happened if the universe were entirely chaotic and random. There is an intelligent design at play. You can see that when you spend any time in the natural world and observe the incredibly intricate dance of connectedness, death and rebirth.

There is a force within us all that is propelling us forwards. In your quiet moments, you can feel it. We have to lean into that and trust it. It knows the way. Just like migrating birds have a compass that only they can hear, we humans have an instinctual knowledge of how to get ourselves from where we are to a place of empowerment and harmony.

The enemy is fear and feeling not good enough and ultimately not trusting yourself – trusting instead the misunderstandings that some are better than others, and that wisdom, approval, satisfaction and empowerment can come from anywhere else but within. 

Always, we think someone else has the answer. But they don't. Only we have the answer. We each have incredible value and talents and it is our sacred duty to unearth them.

This brings me to the second part of the future I see for humanity – with security in the fact that we can feed and house ourselves, I see each person freed up to work on whatever brings them joy, whatever they are passionate about. I see dancing and art and so many technologies and structures that we can’t even imagine right now.

We will be healthier, with more nutritious food and plenty of time outdoors, with deeper social connections and a sense of purpose.

It may seem like a far-fetched vision, but the reality of the digital age would have seem far-fetched only 50 years ago.

I see businesses that are rooted in social conscientiousness and collaboration. With an understanding that there is abundance – enough for everyone – people collaborate in similar areas when appropriate and compete less.

I see education systems that understand it is their responsibility to unearth the spark in each child, that it is a given that each individual will bring something new and valuable and unique to the community.

I see an understanding that rich or poor is irrelevant – at a soul level no-one is better or worse than anyone else. I see the resilience of the human spirit and the abundance of the earth – there is more than enough to sustain us humans on the planet if only we could organise ourselves properly.

And we can. Ants do it. Bees do it. They all work alongside each other harmoniously because they are all connected to a field of energy that has the codes within it for everything to run smoothly. Humanity also has those codes. We just need to learn to trust ourselves enough to listen and follow.

I think we all need to start learning how to hold this vision and working towards it. You cannot create something unless you can first imagine it. 

At the moment we are bombarded with distressing images of rainforests being cut down and pollution while the media portrays the very worst in the human spirit. It makes us feel overwhelmed, distressed, hopeless. You can’t create a brighter place when you feel like that. You need to start to think differently, to shift yourself towards trust, hope, optimism. From there you feel more empowered to make small steps in the right direction. Once you’ve made small steps that bore fruit, you have the confidence to make bigger steps, and so on.

We are so much more than we know and we can create incredibly beauty here if we all work towards it, shifting all of the ways we give our power away. What if all the things you believed to be impossible actually weren’t? What if you could create more than you could imagine? What if you were connected to a force that WANTS you to grow into the best, boldest, most extraordinary version of your soul actualised on planet earth?

I'm not that worried for Mother Earth - she will carry on regardless. It's us I fear for. We're going to die one way or another - our way of life is going to die in order to rebirth this new future, or we are actually going to die.