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Mar 03, 2019
Enough is enough

What I would really like is for everyone everywhere to throw their arms up and say 'enough!'

Enough speed, enough stuff, enough running around like headless chickens in broken systems to prove that we are enough.

We have valued 'more! Better! Faster!' and totally lost touch with the magic and beauty in slow and soulful. It's like a deranged merry-go-round that we're collectively complicit in maintaining. 

Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages and emails ping into our living environment 24 hours a day demanding immediate responses, unrealistic expectations on house management, childcare and working commitments meaning we feel like we do nothing well.

It's affecting our mental health and I believe is part of the environmental challenges we face as we don't give ourselves enough time to be open, to listen, to be free to create something new.

We look around at each other and we feel like we need to keep up, to compete with the Joneses, suck it all up, keep it all together. We tell ourselves that everyone else seems to cope (they don't), so why am I not enough? 

Lynne Twist in her excellent book The Soul of Money describes her 40 years of experience working for The Hunger Project - a charity that aims to solve world hunger. She states that it is not a lack of resources that keeps some people well-fed while others starve - if it were simply a matter of redistributing food then the problem would be solved. It's humankind's issue with insecurity, with feeling like there is not enough and that we aren't resilient/capable/worthy enough that drives inequality, keeps us clinging to safety and normality.

She says that we all have the capacity to create positive change for ourselves and our communities - the first step is the belief that what you have and where you are is enough. And the second is being open to see that what you need is often hiding in plain sight.

It's really hard to do that when you're pulled in one hundred different directions and saturated in a collective soup of 'not enoughness'. You need space and time. Often finances feel like a rope around your neck, mortgages shackling you to payments, but I would counter that if you have a roof over your head and food in the fridge (running water! Mechanised transport!) then you have more freedom than you might think.

I'm committed to turning in a different direction. As a mother of 2 small children sometimes it seems like the pressure to be all things to all people is immense - a breadwinner, a carer, a PTA helper, a cook and a house manager. Trying to keep up with modern life can so easily make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. This is not because there is something wrong with you, it's your body/minds very natural response to an environment that is swiftly hurtling towards the edge of a cliff. All while you feel like you're rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

I want to get off, so I'm slowing down. There is a new way of being emerging and I know I want to be open enough, to believe in myself enough and to follow my instincts in order to move towards what will truly serve myself, my family and my community.

It's slower, deeper, better. At times it's scary and can feel very counter-cultural and it's not something anyone of us can do alone. We all need to move together. 

Please then, let's drop the neighbourly arms race and this persistent feeling we all have of having to keep up with each other. Let's be honest about how exhausted we are and how overwhelming it all is and make space to start listening to the deeper whispers of who we are. Into that space, a new future for humanity is coming.

Because we really are enough. All of the solutions we need are here to collectively broker a new deal that benefits our health, our communities, our children and our planet.

There really is nothing more important than that. Enough is enough.